Greece, ND Silver Commemorative Bar, Emporiki Bank, 40grams – 925/1000
August 17, 2020
Greece, 2006 10 Euro, Olympus National Park – Dion, Silver Proof
September 9, 2020
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Greece, 2020 10 Euro, 2500 years -Battle of Thermopylae, Silver Proof

Greece, 2020 10 Euro, 2500 Years since the Battle of Thermopylae.

Gem Proof Ultra Cameo fields.

Commemorative coin, one year type.

Awesome design, Silver .925 – 34.10gr.

Obverse: Greek hoplite (private) holding a shield in the foreground and behind him spears of a phalanx, part of greek armies strategy on the battlefield.

Lettering along with the mintmark in enscribed on the inner part of the shield.

Reverse: Greek hoplites marching in file at left against persian warriors at right. Greek hoplites images have been taken from ancient greek pottery and those of the persians reproduce bas reliefs from palace of darius in Persepolis. On the center, the national coat of arms is engraved along with lettering. The design is encircled with a meander motif.


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