Greece, 1954 Drachma, Hollow Cheek, King Paul I, PCGS MS65
January 24, 2018
Great Britain, 1887 Penny, NGC MS65RD, Top Grade!
February 8, 2018
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Greece, 2016 €200, Gold, “ΔΗΜΟΚΡΙΤΟΣ”, Bank of Greece

Greece, 2016 €200, “ΔΗΜΟΚΡΙΤΟΣ”, Gold (0.916), 7,98 grams, Proof with mintage only 1000 pieces.

Designer: G. Stamatopoulos

” Demokritos is considered the forefather of modern atomic theory. He was born in Abdera, Thrace, and mentored by Lefkippos. His extensive travels in Ionia brought him into contact with the teachings of the great Ionian philosophers ( Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Herakleitos ).

Demokritos was the last of the great pre-Socratic philosophers, who were to have a profound influence on modern philosophy. “

Minted at Bank of Greece (I.E.T.A), housed in original mint box with numbered certificate of authenticity.




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Gem Proof


Gold 200 euros



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