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December 6, 2022
Greece, 2004 10 Euro, Olympics Torch Relay- Australia, Silver Proof
December 6, 2022
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Greece, 2004 10 Euro, Olympics Torch Relay- Asia, Silver Proof

KM-231, Greece, 2004 Summer Olympics Athens,  Silver 10 Euro, “Olympics Torch Relay ”

Commemorative coin – Asia

Gem Proof Ultra Cameo fields.

Fineness: Silver 0.925 -34 grams / pcs

Obverse: The emblem of the ATHENS 2004 Summer Olympics, a wreath made from an olive tree branch, or kotinos, a reference to the ancient Olympic Games, where the kotinos was the official award of Olympic champions. The wreath around Olympic rings are enclosed in a circle surrounded by 12 stars

Reverse: Torch relay bearer carrying the Olympic flame, running next to a temple column. On the background there is the map of Asia. The Olympic rings lie on the top of the coins and the denomination on the lower periphery.


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