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France, 1827 Bronze Medal, Commemorating the Battle of Navarino, Rare!

Medal commemorating the Battle of Navarino, 1827.

Obverse: The head of Pallas Athene in a helmet (right). Legend: ‘LA FLOTTE ANGLO FRANCO RUSSE VAINQUIT LES TURCS A NAVARIN LE 20 8. 1827 .’ (The Anglo-French fleet conquered the Turks at Navarino.)

Reverse: The British, French and Russian crowns with crosses between them and their respective admirals’ names inscribed above, set in the form of a triangle. Inscription: ‘CODRINGTON, DE RIGNY, HEIDEN.’


Greek War of Independence, Battle of Navarino, 1827
Greece declared independence from the Ottomon Empire in 1822., followed by an invasion of Greece by Turkish and Egyptian forces. Britain, Russia and France deployed naval squadrons to the region to secure an armistice and the withdrawal of Egyptian troops from the Morea (Peloponnese). The allied fleet was under the overall command of Admiral Edward Codrington, with the French under Henri de Rigni and the Russians under the Dutch-born Count van Heyden. Bearing in mind Russian intensions in the Balkans, Coddrington had been instructed to negotiate an armistice and to use force only as a last resort. The Egyptian fleet under Ibraham Pasha was anchored in crescent formation in Navarino Bay (Pylos). As it was impossible to blockade this anchorage, the allied fleet sailed in and began to anchor alongside their opponents. Before this manoeuvre was completed, a boat from HMS ‘Dartmouth’ came under fire. A general engagement broke out lasting four hours and culminating in the defeat of the larger but outgunned Turco-Egyptian Fleet. The Battle, the last major action to be fought entirely under sail, crippled Ottoman sea power and cut of the Egyptian troops in the Peloponnese from supplies and reinforcements.


Impressive medal! With Greek numismatic  interest also, 



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